By Gracie Johnson

When you first think of public relations, you may immediately think of external relations and how companies engage with their target audiences. But what many don’t realize is the primary internal target audience is the company’s very own employees. The company’s employees are very crucial stakeholders. It is important to keep the employees in the forefront rather than on the backburner. With all that said, it is a great idea to work on your company culture and create a more positive environment. Here are three ways to help engage your employees to enhance your company culture.

  1. Check…

In the wake of the pandemic, COVID-19 Safety Training will be another routine training throughout all businesses, big or small. Just like sexual harassment training or diversity training is a staple throughout many ethical businesses, COVID-19 safety training will be joining the ranks and will become a new norm — especially as the lasting effects of the pandemic are expected to linger for the foreseeable future.

Since it can be difficult to draft new training protocols, here are some ways to implement COVID-19 safety into your business of any size. …

by Cat Nilsson, Founder and Director of PR + Branding

While breaking into the business world can be both difficult and intimidating — not to mention becoming a successful entrepreneur or business owner can be even more challenging — there are so many creative and innovative individuals who are constantly bringing new and inspiring business ideas to the table that need to be heard. …


Cat Nilsson, Founder and Director of PR and Branding at onePRgroup, a full service pr + branding agency

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